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    Antonio Sant’Elia

    My senior project in Architecture School owed a lot to this architect. For a brief while I became obsessed with the ideas and aesthetics that he taught. Antonio Sant’Elia was an Italian architect, that left no built legacy but was a key member of the Futurist movement in architecture. The manifesto Futurist Architecture was published in August 1914:


    All the pseudo-architecture of the avant-garde, Austrian, Hungarian, German and American;

    All classical architecture, solemn, hieratic, scenographic, decorative, monumental, pretty and pleasing;

    The embalming, reconstruction and reproduction of ancient monuments and palaces;

    Perpendicular and horizontal lines, cubical and pyramidical forms that are static, solemn, aggressive and absolutely excluded from our utterly new sensibility;

    The use of massive, voluminous, durable, antiquated and costly materials.


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