1. I was a weird kid.

  2. Perkins + Will Ima stalk you.

  3. Tuesday

  4. Brutalism in brick? Brickalism?

  5. Deconstructivism

  6. 88floors:

    Catalan Institute of Economists - Roldan + Berengue

    I suppose here’s where I mention how grateful I was to have had Miguel Roldán as a professor for a semester.

    (via acathal)

  7. Nother shot from this morning’s site visit

  8. Early morning site visit

  9. ombuarchitecture:

    Jia Little Exhibition Center

    Songjiang • Shanghai • China

    By SKEW collaborative 

    via Archdaily

    Wood slats!

  10. quiteaspectacle:

    alex maclean.

    The incomparable Alex Maclean.